Wheelabrator 28 cu ft Super II Tumblast 
control retrofit

This retrofit is available to customers that currently have a mechanically sound unit, yet are concerned with the reliability and flexibility of the original controls.  Because many of the components may not be available, and due to the many cycle variations that may be needed for different products, this control provides the customer with the correct solution.  This control package allows the customer to upgrade the control technology while eliminating relay logic, increasing reliability, and providing additional flexibility.  The PLC control allows a large number of variations to be easily programmed

with time values adjustable by preset times on selector or through data input devices.  This system is equipped standard with a zero speed-sensing device to assure "blast wheel" stoppage PRIOR to changing direction.  In addition, it saves time because the operator is not waiting for a timer to time out; rather it is event based. 

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