Check This Out! Need a presetter for your robot tooling?
Robot Tool and Gripper Presetter. Use the presetter to set up your gripper and tooling before installing onto your robot to increase precision and reduce setup time.
Check out our robot tool presetter!  Click here to see.

WOW!  A New Way to View Schematics With Your Web Browser!

Systems Engineering Co. has the ability to convert electrical drawings into HTML to allow viewing with a standard web browser. This enables the electrical drawing to be viewed without the need to buy an expensive CAD package, and the drawing can be stored on a computer/server for easy and fast access by maintenance, engineering, or anyone else who needs to access the drawings. In addition, you can zoom to specific devices, click, and have all information for service and replacement. Sure beats having to look for that misplaced hard copy! We can also convert your existing drawing into this new format.Click Here to see a Demo.


Small tabletop load balancer for precision assembly will be available soon. To see its big brother,Click Here.