Finally, a solution to robot tooling and gripper setup is now available!  If you have spent any time at a robot adjusting the machine to compensate for different tooling or grippers, then you can understand how powerful this measuring device can be.  By using precision measuring equipment, you can now determine or set-up the tooling/grippers to conform to the process.  Or, you can measure the offset and compensate by adjusting the robot parameters.  Either way, this powerful device will make tooling/gripper setup and calibration much faster, more precise, and easier. 
Like an optical comparator, this device lets you  measure and inspect the gripper/tooling features during set-up. This is done off-line and does not interfere with your production. 

Figure 1:  RT100 Robot Tooling Presetter

This method allows you to stage your tooling or gripper(s) for fast and accurate change-over or replacement. 

RT100 Standard Package includes:

  • Presetting machine
  • Electronic data management system
  • Replaceable adapter
  • Calibration bar
  • Dust  cover
  • Instruction manual
  • Instructional video

Figure 2:  Setting a small robot gripper