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MMI (Man Machine Interface) Brings Speed And Flexibility To Coil Line Part Processing
In this application, the customer has a wide variety of sheet metal parts on a coil processing line with batches ranging from 1 to 1000 pieces. The system has to be easy to use, maintain and set up for operators and set-up personnel.

Using a standard MMI package (Man Machine Interface), we present all set-up data to the screen after entering a part number on the keyboard. The operator is then able to verify process data and enter batch size. The system also monitors punch press die information to verify correct die set-up and match for the specific part number requested. If all information is correct, the operator may proceed to the monitor screen and input batch data. The operator uses the monitor screen to provide a graphical representation of current process and it's operation status. When the operator is ready to run, a cycle start can be initiated by depressing a push button on the machine to initiate the actual machine operation. When the batch is complete, the system will stop and wait for a new command from the operator.

All part number files are stored in a simple Excel spreadsheet and can be modified by the customer at any time. By linking the machine to a network connection, such as Ethernet, the file data can be accessed from a remote computer. Spreadsheet data may be updated from a remote computer as well as viewing important manufacturing information on current operational status, production status and other system information.

The system provided the following real advantages to the customer:

  • Short Learning curve
  • Easy to update and use
  • Easy to understand and maintain files
  • Low cost performance boost
This solution allowed the customer to automate the process and provide the necessary amount of operator intervention and self checking that they felt comfortable with. The overall cost of the system allowed the customer to implement this system at 1/3 of the projected cost!

Figure 1. Flexible Coil Line provides customer with rapid and self checking set-up information and automatic batch processing.

Figure 2. Set-up screen provides operator with all necessary data to verify correct part.

Figure 3. Monitor screen provides necessary on-line process data and graphical representation of the process.

Figure 4. Main menu allows user to access desired screen with a simple mouse click.

Figure 5. Alarm screen provides operator and supervisor with important process and system alarms.

If you have an application that could benefit from this type of automation, a valuable low cost solution is available! Contact Systems Engineering Company Inc. for a personalized quotation for your process.